When a small-business owner is considering whether or not to engage a virtual assistant or simply to continue down the same path, they need to consider many different elements.

It’s important to form a picture in your mind of exactly what the VA can provide in return for the costs associated. This number crunching exercise will certainly need to take into account the added cost elements associated with full-time or even part-time employees, the benefits, pensions, insurance costs, productivity and so on. Yet often one of the most important elements is left behind during this process of consideration.

If you were to engage an ambitious virtual assistant who is also highly entrepreneurial, just think how much of an advantage this could be? Anyone who is entrepreneurial and who has the wherewithal required to establish and maintain their own business is by definition a self-starter, proactive and visionary. These are the traits that the potential client wants to see in themselves and surely it would be a significant advantage to be working with an independent virtual assistant who thinks along the same lines. This is not to say that the entrepreneurial VA has to be a carbon copy of the client and there is a lot to be said for choosing someone who provides a counterbalance. But it is certainly true to say that when a VA is ambitious and entrepreneurial they are interested in improving the quality of their individual operations and brand and this can only be of benefit to the client, per se.

Consider why you would want to employ the services of a virtual assistant. You may not have the time or inclination required to keep up to date with the world of social media. You may know that it is very important for your organisation to have a presence on the likes of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but you may not know where to start.

Conversely, you may have a good idea where to start, but know that your time is better served on other matters.  Social media is a good example as it is a very dynamic field. You need to allocate quite a lot of time to make sure that you are up to speed with developments here, but you can be sure that the entrepreneurial, ambitious VA is going to take time out of their own schedule to make sure that they are ahead of that game. As they ensure that they are “match fit” from their own business perspective the benefits will flow down to the client. As soon as the latest social network comes online you can be guaranteed that the VA will know all about it and be ready to promote engagement and membership to the client. Any potential drawbacks or issues associated with search engine marketing – and we know that there have been many of these in the past couple of years – will be of no surprise to the ambitious, entrepreneurial VA.

In other words, you have an early warning system attached to the personal assistant you have chosen to bring into your business.

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