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I  have known Franciska as a colleague first then hired her to be my Online Business Assistant. She is amazing, focused and organised. Keeps me on track. I would not know what to do without her. I could not recommend her enough.

Amanda Maynard  Canada,Amanda Maynard

Franciska has been extremely helpful, very efficient and has made my life much easier whilst trying to grow my business. I would highly recommend her VA services.

Daren Malkin United Kingdom, Malkin Driving

Franciska is without a doubt, the smartest decision I’ve ever made in my business. Her work ethic is second to none and she has enabled me to focus my energy in the important areas of my business that require my time (but used to get pushed to the side because I was so busy with admin). I’m constantly impressed by her innovation, always thinking of ways to grow & support my business. I feel truly privileged to have her on my team.

Linzi Hawkin  Jersey, USA, Linzi Hawkin Brand Strategist

Quite simply, Franciska is amazing! I think her title should be a multitask-er, mind reader, life saver, time maker, profit booster’. I could go on!  Franciska is so effective and efficient, that her value soars from day 1. I give my highest recommendation for Franciska. You will know her quality from the first 15 minutes of your interaction. She truly is a miracle worker!

Scott Stevenson UK - Dubai, UAE, Mindset Specialist Coach

I  received a recommendation to hire Franciska as a VA for my social media. What a blessing that was! Franciska has helped me “Go Pro” as Stephen Pressfield says.
She has helped me with organization and with being visible on social media where my ideal clients are. We now have systems in place to ensure we are working more efficiently and effectively. We are maximizing the content I create to build my following.
Franciska is patient (with my limited understanding of technology) and guides me to our outcomes. Franciska has great initiative and understanding of how to help you build an online business. She is dependable, reliable and fun to work with. She is reassuring and always checks in with you before moving ahead with the projects assigned. Franciska is an asset to me and my business. I feel the relief of knowing she is taking care of the details, the presence and the opportunities we have to build my business. 
I love the opportunity to work with her.

Dottie Hager USA, Dottie Hager Coaching

I found Franciska through my coach and friend Linzi who was using her services and recommended her as a very trustworthy VA. While focusing on sales and digital strategy to build momentum I needed help with my accounting and Franciska helped me general accounting and my expenses. I would recommend Franciska because of her discretion, efficiency and communication skills.  All the work we did together was smooth and easy.

Salome France, Mercenaire

I ’m in the startup phase bootstrapping my next project, so I have to earn a living while launching my next business. This can be challenging at the best of times. However, the structure Franciska has built around her VA service, and the highly organised way she works has made it so simple to move forward. I was concerned whether Franciska and I would be able to work seamlessly given the difference in time zones / locations, but I was proven wrong. Franciska is super diligent, extremely efficient, a highly organised woman...who also really cares about the service she provides... She's not just awesome at what she does... she also really does give a sh!t, and it shines through in her work. 

Jeff Wilson Australia, Entrepreneur in start-up phase

Our greatest problem was finding an adequate person at the right time. We found Franciska via word of mouth. She made my job easier because I could rely on her. I needed urgent proofreading, and Franciska did it quickly, professionally, honestly and on time. From now on I will always use her proofreading skills. I am already recommending her!

Toni Borovac Croatia, 3DEA

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