How to Produce a Strong Content Creation Plan

Consistent messaging is essential to growing your audience and business. Staying consistent is difficult if you're not implementing a plan.

You create and publish your content to share your:

brand with the world, 

* expertise, values with your audience, 

* brand reputation, but also strengthen it.

Offering a solution to your customers/clients requires not only knowing what their problem is but communicating the solution to them in a correct manner.

I know staying consistent in creating content is a lot of work. Still, it's so imperative to get excellent quality content out there so that you're always socially, online present for all those millions of people who are going experiencing problems for which you have the solution.

You are creating content for them, your audience!

Once you're clear on the problems you solve, the pains your audience experiences (you know their wording), it's time to put it all into content mode and show that you are the person to come to for help. But there's more than just getting the messaging right.

Let's dive into the content creation route.

The Content Creation Route

Before you start writing, recording your content you need a strategy in place.

Pursue the following steps to a successful content creation route.

Step#1 Set Content Goals

Setting content goals will help you, the creator, know what categories (silos) you'll set up to organise your content under. For example, my content silos - where I can help my audience are content creation and content distribution. By pinpointing these content silos, I know these are the main categories that will help my audience with their problem around content. On the other hand, these silos will improve your SEO as well.

Step #2 Brainstorm, Research Content Subtopics

Yup content creation is a lot of work, but when you do your research or brainstorm as to what subtopic you can place under main silos, you'll be organized, your messaging will be clear, and BERT will thank you. Don't you know who BERT is? BERT is the latest Google analytic change, which will affect search queries and your website. The point of the game is to be highly specific around the topic you write or broadcast about and of course, one more requirement you gotta be better than your competition.

Step #3 Execute a Content Review

By creating content, you are also keeping an eye on your analytics - watching what content is performing best, better, and bombing.
By doing this review, you can take farther steps and repurpose your content since there are many benefits to it. (insert blog link)

Step #4 Establish Your Content Creator Team

Do you have a team backing you up in helping you create your content? Do you have help with your podcasts, a videographer, SEO strategist,  with repurposing your content? If not, no worries. Here's a tip: know what form of content YOU are most comfortable creating. Are you more comfortable in writing, recording videos, podcasting? Convey your message in the form of content you are most comfortable. As for the other content formats, well, there's a solution there as well -
reach out I can help you repurpose your content and you'll have a nice rich library of content.

Step #5 Lay Out a Content Calendar

Now I'm thrilled to say that I've created a content calendar for you, but I've taken it farther and also added a repurposing strategy as well. Yay. After all, a content calendar is not only about: Content title, it's publishing date, analytics. It's so much more.

My content calendar is in-depth, but I think you'll be happy to use it in such depth as it can show you fantastic feedback.


Step #6 Dive into Content Creation Mode

You're fired up and ready to put your masterpiece in motion. As I mentioned before, be you, do you, because you need your branding voice in your content. Get your character, language, energy intertwined into that masterpiece of yours.

Step #7 Time to Hit Publish & Distribute

Your content is complete, edited, and now it's time to publish it on to your website. Don't forget to edit the feature snippets, and give it some SEO love. The purpose of distributing your content is that you need to let your audience know about your new piece of content. So be strategic about distributing it; this is where
repurposing content advice comes in to save the day.

Step #8 Maximize or Upgrade Your Content

Creating a new piece of content, publishing and distributing it does not mean that it's time to put it into archives. It's time to watch your analytics. Set aside a day at the end of the month to review your stats. When you see what's working,
repurpose that content for the future. If a piece of content surprisingly did not do well yet, yet you were on top of the trends, new your audience was searching for it - repurpose it and try again. Maybe your audience didn't get to see your original content.  It's faster and cheaper to repurpose a piece of content instead of starting from scratch. You could throw in an update, a change, but not the whole thing.

Final Thoughts:

Improve your content workflow. Start and follow the mentioned steps.  Use the content calendar, and enjoy the fantastic results you'll experience. I guarantee you will be consistent in producing high quality content as well as successful in having your content seen.

If you're not consistent with content creation then you're either not sticking to the plan, you've got some limiting beliefs to figure out, or don't want to do it. 

The onus is on you, but you CAN figure it out. Solve the problem while it's small. You got the map put in the work or reach out for assistance and get the support you need.

If you require help with repurposing your content reach out by clicking the button below.
I'd love to be a member of your team and help you achieve your content goals. 


Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing

and generates about 3 times as many leads. 

(Source: DemandMetric)


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