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SOCIAL MEDIA is a reflection of YOU and YOUR business


If you’re struggling with your LinkedIn account I can help you with tips and tricks, profile improvements, basically help you strategise on LI.

LinkedIn is a fantastic platform but the reality is that you know your business best and therefore LinkedIn requires the one and only you to interact & engage with your potential clients, answer their questions, solve their struggles etc. So you need to put in the work on LinkedIn.

After all LinkedIn is all about engagement - NO SELLING! Gain trust and likeness.

In the end, there is only;



Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram

If you need assistance with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram my assistance extends to offering an analysis of your social media present status and setting up a social media strategy.

I’ll help you to:

  • Align Your social goals with your business goals 

  • Audit your Social Presence

  • Learn About Your Competition 

  • Create a Content Strategy

  • Measure & Refine Your Business Progress

  • Create new content out of your blogs

  • Get your content out on a regular basis

  • Repurpose older content

  • Curate relevant content

  • Create, simple but catchy designs for your posts

  • Edit your videos (golden to grab your followers’ attention)

  • Research & connect with new followers, leads

  • Upgrade & tweak your social media platforms


Through out our working relationship, we’ll be:

Educating, Entertaining  &  Engaging with your followers and fans

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Social Media Package Price

Package Price for 1o hours = $350USD 

Package Price for 20 hours =$700USD

Additional hours are billable at $30 USD per hour

I’m keen on having my rates and billing information transparent. So, NO hidden clauses, NO surprises!

The time needed to complete tasks are recorded for each task carried out for you. Time is tracked on a per minute/second basis. No roundups.You will receive weekly reports via email.

Upon agreeing to work together, your first invoice will be sent immediately for the first half of the monthly packaged services, while the second invoice will be forwarded at the end of the month on completion of the services carried out.

The following invoices for monthly packaged services will be sent to at the end of each month. Cost is valued on a monthly basis.

If for any reason you do not use up all your package hours, you will be charged only for the hours and minutes used at the rate corresponding to the chosen package.

The hours may not be transferred to the next working month.


What My Clients Say....

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I received a recommendation to hire Franciska as a VA for my social media.

What a blessing that was!

Franciska has helped me “Go Pro” as Stephen Pressfield says.
She has helped me with organization and with being visible on social media where my ideal clients are.

We now have systems in place to ensure we are working more efficiently and effectively. We are maximizing the content I create to build my following.
Franciska is patient (with my limited understanding of technology) and guides me to our outcomes. I have learned many new technologies and how to more effectively use others to run my business because of her expertise.

Franciska has great initiative and understanding of how to help you build an online business.
She is dependable, reliable and fun to work with. She is reassuring and always checks in with you before moving ahead with the projects assigned.
Franciska is an asset to me and my business. I feel the relief of knowing she is taking care of the details, the presence and the opportunities we have to build my business. I love the opportunity to work with her.

Dottie Hager Life Coach (USA)

If You're READY to:

  •   Increase your brand visibility
  •   Share your expertise
  •   Build relationships

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