March 12

Six Steps to a Better Social Media Coverage


Various social media predictions for 2016 are thrown our way. What you should be doing, not doing, changing. However, I always feel that the onus lies upon the satisfied client/consumer. Sure you’re doing plenty of marketing strategy, investing in advertising but it all evolves around your ICA. So, I’m really excited that marketing will be even more focused on customer service making the experience a win-win situation for both the service provider/product creator and the buyer.

Here are just a few 2016 predictions from the experts in the social media industry.

Private status in social media

I just recently signed up for a course where 15 Virtual assistants will be learning, sharing ideas & working closely with our mentor and one another on a new project. The new course has a private Facebook group, and we are all familiar with this concept where only members of the group receive access to information, assistance & support.

Therefore, we’ve seen private groups and messaging appear on Facebook and LinkedIn. And it’s supposed to spread to other social media accounts.
We’ll be seeing more of FB & LinkedIn messaging concepts on other platforms meaning that customer support with be in higher demand and expectancy of greater perfection.

Charging for more traffic

The next prediction is that social media accounts will be changing their algorithms meaning if you want decent traffic you need to invest in advertising. It seems that leverage through organic means is fading.
We see Facebook Ads, LinkedIn advertising while the prediction for Twitter is that they will be changing their algorithm to prioritise Tweets. You know what that means, pay and be seen.

Adapt & Engage

The following prediction lies in engaging and collaborating in social media. Here a few examples of interaction: brands will be sharing, creating custom made content relevant to their customer needs; brands will be engaging, creating conversations with their consumers (social media users), accommodating to the users interests.

Being seen and heard is a must

Putting up a picture on your blog just won’t cut it anymore.
You’ve probably heard that videos get a high conversion? What about live video streams? Yup, live video streams are leaving a skidded trail on Facebook Live, Blab, Periscope.
Let’s get out of our comfort zone, put our faces before our audience and let’s be heard and seen! I should have done a video on this blog!!!

Counting followers, likes – WHO CARES!!!!

I am so glad that the future doesn’t give two hoots about the no. of followers or likes a brand has!!! We are aware that social media platforms have control over the flow of information that you provide, and it is open to EVERYONE regardless if the viewer is your follower or not. I never thought that the number of followers or likes confirms the quality of a brand. Rather testimonials listed on LinkedIn or the brands websites are the true confirmations of one’s quality. Well, the point for the future is to gear potential fans to your email list, turn them into email subscribers so that you can communicate directly with them.

Instant Content becomes just that – INSTANT

As more networks are offering new content and quickly, the focus point will be to eliminate the user to leave one’s system to access information on another external link. In other words, the social media platform doesn’t want you to abandon their platform to read the information you need and want. Now this sounds exciting!

So what do you think which predictions hits home for you?

Photo Credit: Rosaura Ochoa


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