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πŸ”₯Spice Up Your 

​Social Media 


If you have  an online or offline business you NEED a social media presence ⚫️ (period)

The word out on the street is YES you do need a social media existence but it's really ALSO a business necessity.  

You're not on social media because everyone else is doing it!

You're on your social media channels because your prospects, clients, customers are there.

People EVERYWHERE (on the beach, restaurants, caffes, streets, grocery stores, airports ...) are on their phones A LOT.

What are they doing? Informing themselves! 

They are comparing, analysing, searching, planning, deciding, buying...

So what do you as a business owner need to do? 

Present your awesome brand from ordinary to Extraordinary.


"Franciska  is an amazing VA. She is extremely gifted and  full of exotic, innovative ideas. I love that she is an out-of-the-box thinker."​

Linda Breitman  Identity Coach

As a business owner you ARE BUSY.

Maybe  you're in the midst of creating new content, services, programs, products for your customers or maybe you're focusing on coaching, consulting, marketing and you just don't have time to be pinning, posting, gramming, scheduling... Or you just can't be bothered with yet another business requirement πŸ‘‰ social media πŸ‘ˆ because it ain't your jam 🎢


I'm your gal. I'm here to help you master your social media presence from blah πŸ‘€ to ⭐️ dazzling ⭐️


Whether you need just a little help with your social media or need to take it off your hands completely, I've got you!


"I  received a recommendation to hire Franciska as a VA for my social media. What a blessing that was! Franciska has helped me β€œGo Pro” as Stephen Pressfield says."

Dottie Hager  Life  Coach

Do YOU need :

πŸ‡¦ to completely take your social media management, planning, strategy, content creation off your hands then I recommend the Full Social Media Service Package


πŸ‡§  help with your social media but are not ready to hand it over completely then I recommend the Medium Social Media  Service Package


πŸ‡¨ a little extra help because you already got the content then I recommend the  Simple Social Media Service Package


I DO NOT ensure profit goals. Considering that would be unfair to ask of me since I'm only a part of a business equation, not the actual biz wiz. However, any client who has worked with me will tell you that I deliver 100% of my creative energy, time, and expertise. I will help you stay on task, organised, and on point.

I have referrals that I'm more than happy to provide, should we get to that point in our working relationship, and you can check out my testimonials here in the meantime.

I will treat your business as if it were my very own, which implies that I will not outsource the work; rather, it will be all me completing the tasks.

I have a standard application form I require you to fill out to help you and I both time if we're not a good fit. On the other hand, if we are great results are born!

But for now book a free call and let's chat!

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