Funnel Design 

& Implementation

Open Relationships Before You Sell. 

Sales is an Upshot NOT the Goal.

  • A funnel is nourished by marketing actions that produce awareness but also develop a demand for a service or product.
    • Is it your goal is to attain and improve the conversion of each phase of your process (aka funnel) so that your clients and customers make it to your final call of action?

    • Then this
  • Funnel Design  & Implementation Service package

  • might be what you are striving towards. 

  • Funnels aren't just about planning out your customers'/clients' journey, turn on a switch and manifest that πŸ’°

  • Each funnel stage needs to be optimised​

    So let's break it down: ​

    1⃣ It's important to know who your customer is & where they are coming from.

  • Why?

  • Well let me ask you 2 questions:

  • #1 You're investing loads of time creating and sharing content. Is your ideal client consuming and resonating with your content?

  • #2 Do you know which content is booming?  

  • ok I gotta ask a 3rd question for ya .....

  • #3 What is generating traffic for you right now or you would like it to?​


    2⃣  Now that you have your propects' interest, it's time to move forward.  

  • You've got their attention, but now you got to maintain it.

  • You see the problem isn't creating content it's making sure you are making the right content and that your content is engaging.
    If you're creating content, but it's not converting (not getting new email subscriptions, people are not downloading, orders are not being put through...) maybe it's not the content that is wrong rather the journey you are leading your customers/clients on.  We can fix allllll that. 

  • Last but not least: 

    Is it the end of the journey when your client/customer buys from you?

     It's time to nurture those relationships!

  • It's time to support your funnel by delivering news, case studies, basically reinforce their decision that buying from you is one of the best decisions they could have made for themselves. Also, keep in mind that person is your potential warm client for the next Amazeballs service, program... you create and offer. 

  • ​

Quite simply, Franciska is amazing! I think her title should be a multitask-er, mind reader, life saver, time maker, profit booster’. I could go on!  Franciska is so effective and efficient, that her value soars from day 1. I give my highest recommendation for Franciska. You will know her quality from the first 15 minutes of your interaction. She truly is a miracle worker!

Scott Stevenson UK - Dubai

As a business owner, you ARE BUSY!

Perhaps you're in the midst of creating new content, services, programs, products for your customers or maybe you're focusing on coaching, consulting, marketing and you just don't have time to be learning how to create landing pages, connect everything together to get the result - the call to action you want your prospects to take. 


I'm your gal. I'm here to help you master your funnels so your customer has an incredible customer journey ⭐️


Whether you need just a little help with your funnels or need to take it off your hands entirely, I've got you!

"Franciska is patient (with my limited understanding of technology) and guides me to our outcomes. 

Franciska has great initiative and understanding of how to help you build an online business.

She is dependable, reliable and fun to work with.

She is reassuring and always checks in with you before moving ahead with the projects assigned. Franciska is an asset to me and my business. I feel the relief of knowing she is taking care of the details, the presence and the opportunities we have to build my business. I love the opportunity to work with her."

Dottie Hager USA

Do YOU need :

πŸ‡¦ to completely take your funnel design, creation and implementation off your hands 


πŸ‡§  help with your funnels but are not ready to hand it over completely 



I DO NOT ensure profit goals. Considering it would be unfair to ask of me since I'm only a part of a business equation, not the actual biz wiz. However, any client who has worked with me will tell you that I deliver 100% of my creative energy, time, and expertise. I will help you stay on task, organised, and on point.

I have referrals that I'm more than happy to provide, should we get to that point in our working relationship, and you can check out my testimonials here in the meantime.

I will treat your business as if it were my very own, which implies that I will not outsource the work; rather, it will be all me completing the tasks.

I have a standard application form I require you to fill out to help you and I both time if we're not a good fit. On the other hand, if we are great results are born!

For now, book a free call and let's chat!

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