Get More Return on your videos and live streams

 More Return on ALL the time and effort invested in your videos & live broadcasts

Live Broadcasts and Videos are HOOOOOOTTTTT 🔥 no doubt about it!

“ Video is an effective form of communication

that needs to be integrated into each and every

aspect of your 

existing marketing 


James Wedmore

But What about those  who

like blogs, social media posts...

Here's what can be created out of each video, live broadcast:

Social Media Visuals

Awesome, fun, fresh and unique social media images to publish on all your social media channels.

Video Captions

52% of consumers prefer pre-recorded video content, while 48% prefer live video content (Facebook). It's also a legal requirement in some countries.


Intriguing, informative, and engaging presentations , Slideshares, carousels

Podcast Episode

Turn your video into an audio - podcast episode and reach those listeners.

Youtube Thumbnail

Custom made thumbnails so you stand out with your awesome video on one of the most powerful search engines Youtube.


Your awesome video can be repurposed into an Ebook to offer as an optin, spark interest in your services or products.

Social media viedo

Social Media Videos

Impactful, engaging excerpts from your video to publish on all your social media channels.


A PDF can be produced from your video episode segmenting your audience and growing your audience.


Cool, sharp collection of imagery with a minimal amount of text with an easy to understand overview of your topic.

Featured Article

Your video can be turned into an article to be published on Medium, Outbrain, About...

Email Series

Your great video can become an email series for fans on your email list to generate more interest in your services or products.


Turning your video into an SEO optmised blog post with pic., gifs, videos...

Linda Breitman Identity Coach

" Franciska is an amazing VA. She is extremely gifted and full of exotic, innovative ideas. I love that she is an out - of - the - box - thinker."

Who is this service for?

 If you need to repurpose your videos, live streams on a weekly basis because more content brings more traffic brining you more profit.

✅ Got loads of old videos, live streams? Bring them back! Old is gold!

✅  Start by turning your live streams and videos into SEO blog posts and then take it step by step.

Nodding a " Oh Yeah?"

  You're in the right place.  

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