Get Your Podcasts Optimized!

Podcasts are the type of content that offer an opportunity for you to connect with your subscribers, fans as well as engage with them. So much work, time and effort goes into planning and broadcasting a podcast so why not make the most of each and every brilliant podcast episode you create. Not to mention the time you invested 😜

β€œ A podcast is a great way to develop 

​relationships with hard to reach people"

Tim Paige (Source Must Amplify)

But What about those people who like videos, blogs, social media posts...



Here's what can be created out of each podcast episode:

Social Media Visuals

Fun, fresh, and unique social media images to publish on your social media channels.


Stand alone, intriguing video summary of the important, highlights of your podcast episode. 


Turning your podcast episode into a SEO and Google optmised blog post.


A PDF can be birthed from your podcast episode segmenting your audience or building your audience, bringing in new subscribers.


Intriguing, informative, and engaging presentations, slideshares, carousels.


Sharp collection of images with a min. amount of text, easy to understand overview of your topic.

Youtube Thumbnail

Custom thumbnails to stand out with your content on one of the most powerful search engines (at the moment).

Featured Article

Your podcast episode can be transformed into an article published on Medium, Outbrain, About ...

Email Series

Your excellent podcast episode can become an email series to nurture your existing fans & secure new subscribers. 


Your awesome podcast episode can be repurposed into an Ebook for you to offer as an optin, giveaway...

My service will cover the creation and publication of the newly created content. 

Dottie Hager Life Coach

" I received a recommendation to hire Franciska as a VA for my social media. what a blessing that was! Franciska has helped "Go Pro" as Stephen Pressfield says."

Who this service is for?

βœ… If you need to repurpose your content on a weekly basis because you're a content generator.

βœ… Old content is golden content so if you want to bring it back to life because it's value packed and helpful. 

βœ…  If you want to shakeup your old and new content. You're in the right place.  

Be consistent, helpful and value added with your content strategy.

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