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About Ms Franciska

I'm a Canadian now living on a small island in Croatia.

My roots go back to Toronto, Canada where I was born, raised, educated and where I worked in the travel & legal industry. 

First, I worked in the travel industry for a few years after getting my Travel & Tourism Hospitality Diploma. I wasn’t thrilled with the travel industry so I made a HUGE change, went back to college and got my Legal Assistant diploma. 

After working in the legal industry for several years (which I loved), a family decision was made and we moved to Europe; just to try it out for a year and see how things would develop. 

What an emotional roller coaster ride! My plans changed DRASTICALLY. 

I suddenly became a single mom of a 11-month-old baby and expecting a new baby in 6 months.  

Talk about a change of plans! Yet when life slaps you with a lesson (series of lessons in my case). What do you do?  You rise up, get it together, learn and grow.


and there is always a BUT in one's personal and professional life; through all the personal hardship I went through; I gained emotional strength and personal growth. 

On the professional side; I earned a colourful set of skills and something I've always wanted to do; I started to sing professionally. 

Things always happen for a reason; we just need to be patient to embrace the outcome and shine.  That's why I love this quote from an unknown author who summed up possibilities: 

About Ms Franciska
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