Rates and Invoicing

I’m keen on having my rates and billing information transparent. So, NO hidden clauses, NO surprises!

Depending on the type of service and the number of hours you require; please refer to the packages shown below and find your best fit.

The time needed to complete tasks are recorded for each task carried out for you. Time is tracked on a per minute, per second basis. No round ups.

You will receive weekly reports via email.

Upon agreeing to work together, your first invoice will be sent immediately for the first half of the monthly packaged services, while the second invoice will be forwarded at the end of the month on completion of the services carried out.

The following invoices for monthly packaged services will be sent to at the end of each month.

Cost is valued on a monthly basis.

If for any reason you do not use up all your package hours, you will be charged only for the hours and minutes used at the rate corresponding to the chosen package.

The hours may not be transferred to the next working month.


Administration Support packages

Kickoff Support

10 hours
  • Additional hours $30/h
  • Weekly reports via email
  • NO hidden clauses
  • NO surprises

Email marketing support, Social media, SOP Support Packages

Kickoff Support

15 hours
  • Additional hours @ $30/h
  • Weekly reports via email
  • NO hidden clauses
  • NO surprises

Combo Support Packages

Combo Support

25 hours
  • Combine administrative, email marketing & social media support along with SOP maintenance creation

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