March 12

Are you a Multi-Tasker or Single-Tasker


Is multitasking suppose to be a talent? Seriously, I know some of you can just split your brain and do two tasks at once. I think I probably do something similar with house chores. Ha, not even aware of it! But in business NO WAY!
I’m totally jealous of musicians who can sing and play an instrument at the same time! I’m just mastering singing while shaking the maracas in my hands and doing a few dance steps. However, I’ll write that off as experience still to come!

I just think that multitasking in business is a crazy thing to do. Mostly because you’re dividing your attention into a million segments. That’s stress for you right there.
Imagine you’re working on a client’s website while listening to a podcast (upgrading your eating habits). You’re interested in accomplishing both tasks, but your focus goes a little here (to the website), a little there (to the podcast) and before you know it, you’re not anywhere. The result is that you don’t have a take away from the podcast so you missed implementing healthy eating habits TODAY and you need to go back and double check all the completed website work did because you can’t remember doing it! So where’s the goodness in multitasking?

If you ask me single-tasking is the way to go, getting things done sequentially will lead to an increase of energy; you’ll be laser focused, and your creativity will boost. Single tasking ties into being productive and efficient which I love, love, love! I think every entrepreneur needs to start off their day with these two skills.

Productivity allows you to achieve your goals (daily, weekly, long term) and inject quality, not quantity, but QUALITY into your achievements.

Efficiency grants accomplishments of your intentions without wasting your precious time and effort.

Ask yourself, by being an entrepreneur what do you mostly need, lack? TIME & ENERGY! In other words being EFFICIENT (time) & PRODUCTIVE (energy)!

I’m not going to write what you should be doing, how, when, and why. We all have daily habits how we like to start or finish our day, but I will tell you to get into the habit of planning your tomorrow TONIGHT! But keep in mind, please don’t be hard on yourself, set realistic goals, tasks, listen to the signals your body and soul are sending, and keep repeating steps that work for YOU and you’ll master setting up your schedule with a smile on your face. Don’t forget your “MYSELF” time in that daily schedule! Do something fun and crazy for yourself day-to-day even if it’s for 15 minutes, get that smile on your face to last you all day long. You deserve it! Your client deserves it!

So don’t “brain drain” yourself with multitasking, complete your tasks strategically and efficiently and you’ll see your results immediately.

What’s your stand on multitasking? Would love to know?


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