Are you asking yourself if you should be doing live or automated webinars in your business right now? And yes if you're thinking “webinars seem to be a great deal of work.” You’re right!

Either one you choose live or automated webinars are not considered to be tasks rather detailed projects. But webinars are relatively quite simple once you master the procedure.

Practice makes perfect in anything you do, right?

Furthermore, live or automated webinars enable you to gain countless benefits. Which we'll get into.

Yes, you do need to put in a lot of work to make a successful webinar. I didn’t say it’s a quickie project! 

Because aside from running the webinar presentation, there are still few steps to develop:

  • ➡️  an e-mail marketing campaign
  • ➡️  promotion/advertising
  • ➡️  creation of presentation slides
  • ➡️  a social media campaign and much more

However, the end result of adding webinars to your marketing strategy (when done right) will secure positive rewards such as generating leads, higher conversions, sales, richer email list etc...

Live Webinars

Benefits of Live Webinars

Live webinars are popular in many various industries & are fantastic for entrepreneurs who offer online programmes, courses, memberships, bootcamps, pdfs, books, services, events…

As a coach, consultant you can share your expertise with your existing clients and potential leads allowing webinars to become a a vital marketing funnel for your business.

Running a real-time (live) webinar will allow you to : 

  • ➡️ reach your audience promptly and enjoy the possibility of converting potential customers/clients quickly (in less time) and address your attendees' concern which is tied in with your webinar topic
  • ➡️  receive feedback, questions, answers that could be included to enrich your next webinar presentation. After all, no guessing or making assumptions that your audience probably knows “that.”
  • ➡️  showcase your knowledge, skills, gain likeness, credibility and increase transparency. Because watching you in real time, and getting in touch with the strategies you’re offering will drive their emotions and conclusions about you as their go-to person to solve their issue.
  • ➡️ develop stronger, deeper relationships with your fans by letting them know about your new business offerings.

Drawbacks of Live Webinars

Running an online business is fantastic as you can reach anyone in any corner of the world. However, you can't get to everyone whenever you want to.

Here are some limitations to live webinars:

  • ➡️  people have schedules to stick by. They live in different time zones and other time issues can arise that might prevent them to attend your specific date and time of your webinar
  • ➡️  technical glitches might appear during your live webinar, and you need to stick it out and go with the flow or if it's extreme end the webinar, and reschedule. However, this is not the end of the world! All problems have solutions so don't sweat it
  • ➡️ uncomfortable circumstances might occur - a curse word might slip out, you might lose your train of thought - but is this so bad? Just be you, clear up any slips, misunderstanding on the spot (don't cover it up) you're human and so are the people watching you, and move on. It's solvable.

After all that is said about live webinars, it's important to know that many prefer to attend live webinars so, it's a matter of testing and trying what works best for your audience.  And the golden rule to take away:

there ain't no problem 

that can't be solved!

Automated Webinars

Benefits of Automated Webinars

Automated, pre-recorded, rebroadcasted webinars are webinars without an audience but have a vast evergreen marketing effect.

Here are the conveniences of Automated Webinars:

  • ➡️ create impeccable webinars ahead of time without getting into any issues with sound, video, internet, technical or speech bloopers
  • ➡️  your nerves are sheltered as it's only you present on your webinar to which you can edit and add special effects, transitions, add text, music to the webinar presentation
  • ➡️   being an essential component of your sales funnel will continue to work for you over and over again, as they will be on autopilot
  • ➡️   can be accessed on specific dates and times (notice the plural)? They can access 3, 4, 6 different webinar times (it's your attendees' choice)
  • ➡️   allow you to convert cold traffic to warm traffic to learn about you, like and trust you
  • ➡️   allow you to stream in your attendees' time zone which is a great feature when trying to capture a worldwide audience tying into gaining a greater email list
  • ➡️   permits your registrants upon webinar registration and arrival to your thank you page to share incentives (encourage their friends, fans) via social media to attend the specific webinar and in return, the registrant can unlock a gift while you get more viral traffic and nurture your registrant
  • ➡️  have great CTA (Call To Actions) on the webinar itself - endless opportunities, engagement. Live Webinars can also have these CTA's on them of course.
  • ➡️  grant you the knowledge of who came to your event, who showed up for the event, who watched, who clicked the buy now button or asked questions bringing you information of their habits and being able to learn more about your ICA - live webinars can also give you this feedback.

Automated webinars allow you to pass on your content, the message in a matter you desire (with special effects and all that jazz) and convert to more sales ➕ automated webinars have more engagement than videos. Automated webinars also build the "know, like and trust" even before the webinar even starts (unlocking free gifts, email sequence...).

Drawbacks of Automated Webinars

The only disadvantage I can think of is that with automated webinars you lose the opportunity to enrich your webinar by lacking the attendees' interaction, live feedback of excitement, questions, concerns. However, your automated webinar attendees' can still ask and send their questions for you to answer.


You can't go wrong by executing a  live or automated webinar.

Choosing to go live or automated can only help your business. Just chose and start!

Before you go, I do have one tip I'd like to share with you.

With all said if you and your brand are new/unknown to the world of business, you might want to start off doing live webinars first to throw the "get to know you" out into the world and get to feel comfortable with the whole webinar presentation.

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