May 6

How To Massively Increase Your Productivity


It’s a new day, a new week and many people set out to make today the day they will achieve their goals, yet something happens and actions to achieve these aims are postponed. What pushes the ‘to do list’ to the side? In most cases it’s “life”.

Life happens, and when it hits, it hits quickly – and hard. The tasks that people set out to accomplish today suddenly become distant memories, and catching up seems hard to do, or even worse remembering them becomes challenging.

What if there was a way to complete those tasks before life starts hitting back?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you succeed and stay on track by getting a jump start on the day, and sustain excellent productivity during the course.

Get an Early Start

Taking the day by storm requires an early start. However, I think this start should begin the night before. With the right amount of preparation, a great mindset, adequate rest and a positive outlook, getting the new day started will be easy to do.

How Does It All Happen?

First, make a list of the things that went right today, and carry that success into tomorrow. These wins could go a long way toward boosting your mood. Make sure the list includes the three biggest successes from today. The wins can be written in a journal, jotted in Wunderlist or talked about with a close friend or loved one, but be detailed. Discussing the successes and focusing in on them, will lead to more wins, stronger positive mindset and uplifted self-esteem.

Next, determine what must be done tomorrow, and be sure to prioritise. Place the most important, most difficult tasks at the top of your to-do-list. Why? Well winning the day is going to be hard to do if you don’t have any goals, so determine what tasks are most important, and list them in order. Next, determine how much time should be spent on each task. Progression means wasting no time and doing what needs to be done, consistently. Something I like to do is to time myself while accomplishing a task allowing me to know exactly how much time it takes me to complete a task. Resulting in better time management but also, when you outsource your tasks you’ll have an idea of how much time and money you’ll be investing 🙂 Getting ready is a decision process, and if it’s not pre-determined the night before, it will often set you back the next day.

Organised for tomorrow? Awesome, get some sleep! But unwind first. It’s an awe-inspiring habit having an evening ritual of calming your brain, your energy, your body. When I say unwind I mean avoid the television, your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and seek a book, soothing music, cuddling, sex, a warm bath…whatever helps you relax. As an entrepreneur, you’ve probably experienced what a lack of sleep can do to you. So keep in mind the less sleep you get, the harder it will be to remain productive the next day. But hey if you’re out having the time of your life and sleep seems to be a waste of time, take a quick mid-day snooze in the day to revitalise yourself so that you can sustain peak mental and physical performance.

The Morning Is Where It All Begins

Since I’m a morning person I speak from experience; getting the most out of your morning hours should be your top priority if you’re a morning person :-). I know we all have different biorhythms so I actually believe it’s best to work when you feel it’s your peak be that morning, afternoon or evening. However, writing from my personal experience I can say that the morning hours are when you’re at your peak, especially in the predawn hours, that is if you’ve developed the discipline to get up early. So to all my morning entrepreneurs who wake up smiling, and pumped to start their day, start by praying, meditating, doing yoga, exercising, reading, journaling or just spending a little time alone. Feeding the heart and mind will help get your creative juices flowing and significantly contribute toward you experiencing an extraordinarily productive and fulfilling day.

Don’t skip the exercise element; it will help clear your mind and fuel your body. Speaking of fuel, your body and mind also need to eat, which is why a healthy breakfast should be eaten before walking out the door. This keeps the body fit, the mind clear and you ready to WIN!

Focus Is the Key

Without focus, goals obviously cannot be reached. You should take any remaining necessary tasks from the night before, and make sure they’re done first the next day. If something else comes up, note it on your calendar for tomorrow. Derailing from your primary three tasks will interrupt your day, and the obstacle of doing everything will become overwhelming. Work on tasks in focused batches, instead of multi-tasking.

While you’re burning your entrepreneurial steam, turn off all notifications (social media, phone, friend requests…), as even the slightest interruption could prevent you from achieving your goals that day. Answer calls, messages, notifications during your leisure time, but never go over the amount of time you’ve allocated in advance. Stay on schedule! Sounds a bit crazy to have limitations but we all know how easy it is to lose our minutes in a day when replying to posts, notifications…

In a perfect world, these tips would be guaranteed, but the world isn’t predictable by any means, so these tips could work one day, but not the next. However, even though life is unpredictable and can trip you up at times, just stay focused and do everything you can to start the next day with your best foot forward.

The key is to plan early the night before, make the most of your morning. Keep in mind if you didn’t accomplish all on your today’to-do list, make sure you forward the unaccomplished tasks to the following day. Also, get all the necessary nutritious fuel and energy to stay focused throughout the day. If you don’t take care of yourself on a daily basis the results will show up, guaranteed and vice versa!

Get an early start in your day make the most of the mornings, stay focused and take care of yourself day and night and those wins and goals will be so much easier to achieve, day after day! You’ll see 🙂


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