Your Gains When You Create & Follow a Content Created Calendar 

I understand that you, as a business owner, have lots to do, and dedicating time and energy to create content almost feels like a needless operation.
However, creating content is essential for your audience, you and your business.

With the content you create your audience gets to learn about you, gets the feel for your character, either likes you or doesn't, and finally trusts you enough to reach out and want to work with you.

Creating content that is of high quality, helpful, and engaging is a genuine challenge.

A lot of thought, research needs to go into creating content. I get it I do. But that is why you can focus your attention on creating one piece of great content a week and then create micro content or other forms of content that leads to that one piece of content you invested so much time and effort into. 

How do you relieve the stress of producing and publishing content? The answer is to create a content plan or a content schedule.

How to Create a Content Calendar Easily

Your target audience interacts with your content on your social media channels, they search for it. So you better make it stand out and a content calendar can help you achieve outstanding content.

The purpose of creating and maintaining a content calendar is to minimise the amount of time to plan, create or repurpose content.

Here's a system to help you create your content:

#1 Make a list of your content silos - what are your main content categories
#2 Decide on what topics/subtopics you'll cover under each silo (main content category)
#3 Determine where you'll be publishing your content. Content distribution is equally important as creating content.
#4 Establish how often you'll be posting
#5 Keep a listing of all your content & details

Read more details on how to create a strong content calendar.


47% of buyers viewed 3-5 pieces of content before engaging with a sales rep. 

(Demand Gen Report, 2016) (Source: Hubspot)

Now let's look into the gains of creating a content Calendar 

The Gains of Implementing a Content Calendar

It's easy to hit roadblocks in the process of content creation. 

Firstly, you can't just write as it comes to you as you won't be getting the full potential out of your content. 

Secondly, when life situations knock you have to dedicate your attention.

So how DO you avoid obstacles to stop you in your tracks of carrying out the creation task you set out to do? You create a content calendar for each month.  But implementing a content creation plan helps you: 

#1 Create content consistently by staying on track

#2 Show up on your social media channels regularly due to organized publishing schedule 

#3 Produce content aiming your exact audiences' needs, desires, problems

#4 Prepare for seasonal, business, international events around your industry or niche

#5 Diversify your content - make in inspirational, educational, promotional, entertaining

#6 Know what team members are responsible for what task

#7 Maximize your content by knowing which ones you can and should repurpose

#8 Track your analytics on your content.

But wait there's more.


Set Out a Keyword Structure 

Creating and implementing a content calendar sets out a keyword structure for every subject your write, piece of content you create.
The result is that you can link your content with each other because they are complementing each other on the subject you are talking about. Your audience will thank you, and Google will reward you for organizing your content silos efficiently and connecting the related content.

Google will love you for a well thought out and assembled link framework.

Outline Your Marketing as Per Your Content Plan

Advise your fans, followers, readers, watchers what's coming, tell them to be on the lookout, give them a taste of ... the creative possibilities are endless to prep for paid or organic traffic.

Be Ahead of the Game

Planning, having a timeline when to distribute and market the created content can help in creating various marketing campaigns or focus on other aspects of your business.

More reasons to repurpose your content right here at your fingertips.


51% of B2B marketers prioritize creating visual assets as part of their content marketing strategy. 

Source (HubSpot, 2019) 

45% of B2C marketers believe visual content is their most important type of content. 

(Content Marketing Institute, 2017) (Source: Hubspot)

Stay on Course with Your Content Creation

A content plan will most definitely help you create and deliver content consistently, format content appropriately and accurately for each social media channel, and will help you meet your marketing objectives.

You'll be thrilled at the prospect of having achieved the socially know, like, and trust with your audience, which will build more organic reach with time and will lead to sales.


Lead generation, sales, and lead nurturing are the top three organizational objectives for content marketers.

(Wordstream, 2018) Source: Hubspot


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