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 Your Complete Guide To Webinars


"How To Fill Your 

Calendar With 

High Quality Clients

Webinars are a powerful lead generating tool. However, they can cause headaches if done INcorrectly. In this guide, handbook, I'm setting the path for so you can create converting webinars easily. 

Oh, and I use the word "prospect" instead of "lead, customer, client."  That's intentional 😉 . You see until you close the deal, your interested prospects (leads) are just that - interested prospects until they either get out their credit card or say “I’d love to work with you!”

Have you been there?👇

You map out your entire webinar, your slides, your emails, you even check your funnel a zillion times and everything is ready and working.

It's showtime. Off you go to present your webinar. 

You're going through the intro, then your content and then it's time to pitch, but you zip through your offer quickly as if you are ashamed to sell.

Ok, webinar over and what’s done is done. 

You ran through the offer tooooo fast, and poorly but maybe just maybe someone caught on and bought your digital product or booked a strategy call with you.

You check your stats and reality kicks in.

Your analytics show only a handful of people attended; several prospects dropped off your webinar during your presentation, and no one bought!

ShuzzButt! You fill sick to your stomach! You think: "How did this happen?"

If you've been there, done that, or you’re actually experiencing issues now - struggling with some area of your webinar creation process, I’ve got good news for you.

Today I'm going to layout of the whole webinar process!


  • why run a webinar,
  • how to run a webinar,
  • the various webinar types you can run in your business...

This guide is packed with info.

Then we'll cover:

  • the tech side of webinars; 
  • what webinar software you can use,
  • tools you'll need to host a webinar,  
  • how to structure your webinar so you win your prospects hearts and wallets.
  • And finally marketing your webinar.

I'm covering it all!

Webinars are a friggin lot of work but the payoff is so worth it.

Chapter 1: 

What is a Webinar?

A webinar is a seminar performed over the internet.  A webinar allows you to deliver a beneficial presentation to your prospects. 

The goal is for your prospects to be able to implement your advice, shared knowledge immediately upon leaving your webinar while you the presenter, on the other hand, is given the opportunity to make a webinar offer. An offer for your prospects’ to buy your product or work with you.

I love webinars. Because webinars are a fantastic teaching, presentation, marketing tool with which you can reach thousands, but it's a great way to receive feedback from your audience and turn prospects into clients, customers.

So you might be wondering ...

Why use webinars in your business?

Using webinars are a simple way to scale your business.

Webinars also help you automate a considerable portion of your sales process and make you money.

What's not to like right?

But wait there's more.

Webinars enable you to grow your email list of prospects who will buy new services or products you have to offer down the line.

Webinars raise awareness of your brand and position you as a knowledgeable entrepreneur in your niche.

Can you use webinars in your business? 

Absolutely! And I don't even know what you do :-)

Here's why.

Every online entrepreneur or business owner can put webinars to use.

From coaches and consultants to authors and speakers.

From physical product sellers to digital course creators.

Use webinars to market your services or product globally, every day, week or month to a larger audience no matter what you do.

Moving on to...

Chapter 2.

Webinar Types

The remarkable thing about webinars is that you don't have to run only one type of webinar in your biz. You need to figure out which webinar is best at THE MOMENT for what you’re offering.

What? Yup use both types of webinars in your biz. if it’s the smart thing to do.

The 2 types of webinars that I recommend are :

1. Live webinars

and my favourite

2. Evergreen webinars (also known as Automated, Recorded, Just in Time, On Demand webinars)

Let's break down each webinar type...

A Live Webinar

A Live Webinar is just as the title states a “live” broadcast of your presentation to your webinar registrants.

A Live Webinar is a great lead generator, part of a sales process to offer your prospects your product or book a consultation call with you.

There is no right or wrong reason for which webinar type to use.

Use them accordingly as per your marketing goals.

If you decide to use Live Webinars in your biz here is an overview of a common webinar timeline.

Benefits of Live Webinars

Live Webinars are popular in many various industries & are fantastic for entrepreneurs who offer online programmes, courses, memberships, boot camps, pdf, books, services, events…

As a coach, consultant you can share your expertise with your existing clients and potential leads allowing webinars to become a vital marketing funnel for your business.

Running a real-time (live) webinar will allow you to :

➡️  Receive feedback, questions, answers to enrich your next webinar presentation. So there’s no guessing or making assumptions of what your audience needs, wants, knows + use your audience’s jargon in your marketing copy.

➡️  Showcase your knowledge, skills, to gain likeness, credibility and increase transparency. When your prospects watch you in real time, they get in touch with the strategies you’re offering. Your presentation will drive your leads emotions and conclusions about you as their go-to person to solve their issue.


➡️ When hosting a live webinar, you just can’t beat the real-time engagement you cultivate with potential customers or clients. Bluntly said; live webinars are a darn great lead generator, a sales process to offer your prospects.

➡️ And finally the money aspect. Yup, there’s something magical about seeing the cash roll in once you’ve hit the End the Live Broadcast button.

So the energy, validation, rolling in the sales are all appealing.

But what are the drawbacks?

Drawbacks of Live Webinars

Running an online business is fantastic as you can reach anyone in any corner of the world. However, you can't get to everyone whenever you want to when run a live webinar.

Here are some limitations to Live Webinars:

➡️  People have schedules to stick by. They live in different time zones, and other commitments can arise that might prevent them from attending your specific webinar date and time.

➡️  Technical glitches can appear during your live webinar, and you need to stick it out and go with the flow or if the difficulties are extreme, end the webinar, and reschedule. Whatever the challenge is it's NOT the end of the world! All problems have solutions so don't sweat it.

➡️ Uncomfortable circumstances might occur - a curse word might slip out, you might lose your train of thought - but is this so bad? Just be you, clear up any slips, misunderstandings on the spot (don't cover it up) you're human and so are the people watching you. So move on. It's solvable.

➡️ When hosting a live webinar, You need to always be on Top of Your Game (energy wise, appearance...)

➡️ Live Webinars aren't scalable because you need to prepare and present E V E R Y T I M E you host a webinar.

➡️ Live webinars can be a lot of work to handle if you don’t have a team to help you to manage the glitches, the attendees' questions, engagement...

Luckily you have more options than doing just a live webinar...

Evergreen / Automated Webinar


Are you not keen on the idea of hosting a real-time webinar every week or every month?

Would you instead want to double down on your time and efforts as well as create a much more automatic sales operation in your business?

Evergreen webinars might be what you are looking for.

What are evergreen or as many like to call them automated or on-demand webinars?

They are a recording of your webinar presentation and nope it’s not true that you miss out on the engagement with your prospects. If your webinar attendees ask a question while watching your presentation, there is a way for your prospects to ask and get their answer right away.

Now maybe you've heard marketers talk that it's essential to have a few live webinars under your belt BEFORE doing automated webinars. I agree and disagree, here's why.

Giving a presentation is hard work and requires practice. So the more practice, the better the presentation. But here's why I think Evergreen webinars steal the show.

If you have a proven service or product that people love and bring amazing results to your clients then why on earth would you want to do WEEKLY webinars?  When you could have ONE automated webinar, one presentation presenting about your service or product which would result in people booking a call with you or buying your product. Make sense?

So for all, you busy entrepreneurs who can not and don't want to commit to a weekly, monthly real-time live webinar an automated (evergreen, recorded) webinar could be the massive win for you as well as for your business.

What are the benefits and drawbacks? First, let’s dive into the ...

Benefits of Evergreen Webinars

I'll give you a massive advantage to Evergreen webinars: they help you Scale your business quickly!

If you're in a bit of a bind with time;  who isn't right, or maybe you're having a heck of a time sticking to your schedule...  then evergreen webinars are great to develop a fully scalable sales process that drives your business in unbelievable means.

Here are more  pros of Evergreen Webinars:

➡️ Create impeccable webinars ahead of time without getting into any issues with sound, video, internet, technical or speech bloopers. PS I'd keep the bloopers for social media attraction (wink)

➡️  Your nerves are 👉 sheltered because you're the only one on the webinar. So imagine you're talking to your best friend. Also, You can edit your recording, add special effects, transitions, add text, music to the webinar presentation...

➡️   Your Evergreen webinar will generate leads for you 24/7, globally. Primarily, work for you over and over again in the background of your business on autopilot.

➡️   Your prospects can register on specific dates and times (notice the plural) of their choice.  Or better yet sign up for a "Just in Time" webinar viewing, which means that your webinar begins in the following …… minutes. So if your prospects are searching for a solution your webinar is available to view in just a few minutes while their need for a solution is still strong. Powerful right?

➡️   With Evergreen webinars you attract high qualifying leads to come to your webinar, meaning high-quality prospects to book a consultation call with you or buy your product.  

Oh, these listed pros are not the only benefits, but you got the gist, more leads on autopilot either booking a call with you, buying from you or building your email list.

Are there any disadvantages to Evergreen webinars? Yup, nothing and no one is flawless.

Drawbacks of Evergreen Webinars

The only disadvantage worth mentioning is that you lose the opportunity to enrich your webinar by lacking the attendees' interaction or live feedback. However, as I mentioned before there is a way to collect feedback, so boom that's solvable.

Many say that Live webinars convert better than Evergreen webinars. But... if you consider the fact that you have a sales funnel on autopilot, with no extra work to be input, and still the funnel converts at approximately 20%. The question is, are you actually losing?

Chapter 3:

Webinar Tools

If you're still reading, you’ve have come this far, my feeling is you're pretty hooked on implementing webinars in your marketing strategy. Go You!

By implementing webinars in your business, you need specific tools to guarantee your webinar works smoothly and is profitable.

The news is that there are plenty of budget-friendly tools, which accommodate audience sizes and webinar broadcasting designs.

Here's a thorough look at some webinar tools.

Webinar Hosting Platforms

Now I'm going to be upfront and say I haven't tried all the webinar hosting platforms out there. In fact, I was lucky.  I tried EasyWebinar and stuck to it. Sure I researched other platforms, as the concept “maybe I’m not using the best one” surfaced, but when I made the comparison I realised EasyWebinar was right for me.

Here are just a few reasons why I love EasyWebinar:

-  it combines the webinar technology and marketing strategy into one.

-  has both live and automated webinar options

-  is VERY easy to use

-  and are CONSTANTLY, and I mean continually improving

- oh and no need to invest in a webinar chat box as EasyWebinar has it plus you can download the chat - golden feedback at your fingertips.

There's a ton you can do with EasyWebinar  and you can check out their features The cost ranges from $59 to $349 a month. I do have an affiliate link if you decide to go with EasyWebinar.  Let me know, and I'll hook you up + I'll throw in a little something special for you.😉

EasyWebinar has done a thorough job in comparing itself to other webinar platforms and published its results. You can grab the details here

Here's a listing of hosting platforms for webinars:

- Zoom (live and evergreen webinars) ( $40 a month + additional costs for add ons

- Stealth  (live and evergreen webinars) ( Initiation fee $97 + 69.95$ a month

-  Click Meeting (live, and evergreen webinars) ( from 28$ a month

-  Click Funnels  (live and evergreen webinars)( from $97 a month

If you decide to go with Clickfunnels, then you'll need to make an additional investment to capture the chats on your webinar. You could use something like Chat Roll

This list isn't final. There are more webinar hosting platforms out there.  Some are getting a bad rep by their users, so I didn't think it was worth mentioning them.

Webinar Presentation Software

Webinar presentations are helpful when hosting a webinar and so need to be interesting, captivating and motivating. There is an art to creating and presenting presentation slides, but that's a whole different topic. However, luckily there are some great tools out there to help you get started.

Here are a few webinar presentation software options:

- Google Slides  (both Mac and PC) my personal favourite

- Keynotes (Mac only)

- Powerpoint (PC and Mac)

- Canva (PC and Mac)

- Prezi (PC and Mac) free to $59 a month

- Emaze Free to $12.95 a month

Which one should you use? It's up to you. Take into consideration if you have a Mac or PC, view the different options and see what feels right and then have fun and get creative. Oh and if you don't want to be bothered with creating slides you can always head over to Fiver to have someone do them for you.

Webinar Landing Pages

There's a belief I have about webinars, and I really want to instill in you when creating and hosting webinars.

Your webinar's success starts before your webinar begins.

Here's what I mean. For your prospects to register for your webinar, you'll need a few key landing pages such as a registration page and a thank you page.

A registration page is pretty straight forward. It's the page where your prospects will read your webinar headline, subheadline, what benefits they'll be receiving when they attend your webinar, they’ll see a pic of you or product, read your testimonials... They can also pick and choose the date and time of when to attend your webinar. But in order to view your webinar, your prospects need to submit their name and email.

A thank you page, allows your prospects to understand that they booked their spot for your webinar. This page also gives them a link to your webinar, and an option to add your webinar event to their calendar, so they don't forget. Because if it isn't scheduled, it isn't going to get done 😊

Here are a few proven Tools to create your landing page:




I'm not going to go into all of them because my guess is that you have one of the land page builders listed, as these 3 are the most popular ones.

Thrive is my to go marketing tool.  I use Thrive for everything. From website creation to webinar landing pages opt-ins then connect it to EasyWebinar.

Creating a landing page is an art of its own. And Neil Patel has a great article on it:

Email Marketing Automation Tools

A vital piece to your webinar success is your email marketing software. The customer's journey is important, and then, on the other hand, you need statistics.

You need to communicate with your prospects regularly to get them to your webinar and convert them into a client or customer, right?

In my business, I use Active Campaign, and it's great if you're starting or scaling your biz. Active Campaign grows with your needs, and that's why I love it. No need to learn a new email system; they simply get it - grow with them.

Check out Active Campaign for yourself and see what you think

Other email marketing software: GetResponse, Ontraport .

Video Hosting Solutions - Replays

If your prospects decide to go with Zoom or EasyWebinar, you don't need to invest in a video hosting platform cause they have you covered.

But if you decide to go with Clickfunnels or Lead Pages, then you have an extra cost.

Here a few options to look into:

- Vimeo Pro

- Vistia

- Youtube

Of course, there are more sites out there. Check your options and see what works best with your webinar platform.

Pweeeheeha! Lot's of content covered so far.

I am so impressed by you still sticking around and digging webinars.

Ok, so far we've covered webinar platforms, tools, software.

Now we get into the REALLY good stuff...

Chapter 4:

How To Create a Webinar

Alrighty, you know the types of webinars, which one would benefit you most, all the following tools and software to use. Now it's time to dive into the creation mode of building a webinar.

Now if you've got any of these beliefs:

I've never hosted a webinar before

I've got no clue where to start

I don't know how to do a webinar

I can't pull off the tech stuff

Kicking around in that brilliant mind of your; please STOP!  

Webinars do take time to master. Afterall, practice makes perfect. But it’s not about perfection. Create one and get it out there.

Once you see the possibilities with webinars, I'm pretty sure you'll be on a dopamine high :-)

Stick with me because in this section I'm going to make this whole process super easy to follow and implement.

Also, I got a bonus for you. In my webinar, I go into more detail: "How to Fill Up Your Calendar With HighQuality Clients" where I show you:

The WHOLE Webinar Structure


The Webinar Sales System


How to Perfect Your Messaging

On the other hand, if you don't feel like doing the webinars yourself I've got you covered. Reach out to me for my Done For You entire Webinar Creation Service and let's get those leads the way to your calendar and turn them into clients.

Let's Dive in the first steps of creating your webinar...

Step #1 Create Webinar Headline


Creating the ideal headline and webinar topic can be overwhelming if you don't know where to begin.

So let's make it simple.

Here a few types of headlines that create interest:

1.  Belief Challenging headlines  

2.  Logical

3.  Conflicting

4.  Curiosity

5.  Benefit Driven

Let me break these headlines down for you:

Belief Challenging Headline: "You won't believe"headlines

Here's an example: "Fobbiden back pain cure."

These headlines are, to say the least irritating. Every person finds them frustrating as they seem to come straight from a tabloid. These types of headlines have been around forever. The funny thing is they work even though people are sick of them. Here's why the surprise factor is "out in the open" right in the headline. The reader is not wheeled in and surprised rather the reader assumes "Yeah sure, I bet!" and will click to be proven right.

People like to be right, right? 😉

Another example - Emotional Headline:

“Learn the critical lead generation mistakes that are costing you money!”

Is this me? Hmmm, not sure clicks because they need to be sure.

Make the headline relevant to your reader to get them entirely interested.

Next Example- Conflicting Headline:

"5 Reasons why pregnant women should not be lifting."

Wait; what? Such a headline confirms the belief readers already have, granting them the satisfaction of being right, yup once again.

Example - Curiosity Headline :

"Everyone's talking about the new coffee flavour in New York."

Curiosity never killed the cat, but it does make people want to be part of something.  When people feel out of the loop and who isn't nowadays, these types of headlines offer a quick route back on track.

Example - Benefit-driven Headline:

"Gain clients with my 5 step social media strategy."

A simple, straightforward headline offering right?  Your promise your prospects, clients to concentrate on a huge goal they have and you will help them resolve to achieve their objective.

Need more help? In my webinar, I show you exactly how to create a captivating webinar headline.

Now that you got the tough part out of the way; creating a captivating webinar headline it's time to move on...

Step #2 What type of webinar to run?

This one's easy.

If you have a proven successful service, digital product, membership site create an evergreen webinar.

Build one webinar and have it work in the background of your business. Your evergreen webinar funnel will send your leads to your calendar link to book a consultation call.  Or maybe buy that course you created or subscribe to your membership site. No brainer right?!

Better yet you don't need to invest additional hours in the Evergreen funnel, just track your results and make tweaks to improve your webinar.

If you have a new service, product to promote then host a live webinar.  On the live webinar you are offering a new service or product, so you want to receive & answer as many questions as possible. Why?  To enrich your ICA targeting but also to assure your prospects that your service, product is just what they need. Once you have excellent feedback on your service, product - automate it.

Step #3 Perfecting your Webinar Presentation and Offer

Seriously presenting is an art of its own. So many to things to keep in mind; the pitch of your voice, your energy level, make sure it doesn't sound as if you're reading (if you do decide to read a script)...

Shnookerdookies lots of details! Yeah but there's more to think of.

For example, there is a flow to a webinar presentation which consists of a:

- Webinar Intro

- Webinar Content

- Webinar Transition

- Webinar Offer

Remember the Webinar Timeline I brought up:

Well, each section is again divided into sections to make sure each part of your webinar is compelling, captivating, entertaining, informative. After all, you want your webinar to convert.

But no worries I went into a looooot of detail about this in my webinar...

Speaking about my webinar, I also cover ...

Step #4 Creating High Converting Webinar Landing Pages 

I know what you're thinking; Clickfunnels does it all.

Sure Clickfunnel sets it all up for you, but you need to perfect the messaging.

After all, the success of your webinar starts well before your webinar even begins.

You want to make sure that wherever your prospects are in your webinar funnel that they are taking action. That they are making an effort to complete the call to action you are kindly asking them to do.

Again, I got ya covered. In my webinar, I show you what EACH landing page needs to have.  Here's the link again  ✋

Step #5 Creating Your Pre and Post Webinar Email Sequence

Woweeeeee, a lot covered. Great job! 

Time to nurture your prospects not only show up to your webinar but also to take action on your webinar offer.


Pre Webinar Emails

Now again depending on what type of webinar you're choosing to host your email sequence will follow. Keep in mind your customers' journey with each email you create and put yourself in their shoes.

For example, if your prospects register for an evergreen (automated) webinar did they register for a just in time webinar, or did they choose a specific date? Did they click the link to the webinar but failed to register? What actions did they take if any?

Many prospects choose the "just in time" (automated webinars) to watch. But if they choose another date or time to view your webinar, then you need to create your pre webinar emails.

Now as for the number of emails that go out BEFORE the webinar again keep in mind the type of webinar you're hosting.

The usual process is to send an email:

- upon registering - letting them know they have registered successfully + add a pdf - any prep work you'd like them to do before coming to your webinar

- 24 hours before webinar: a reminder of webinar date, time and link to webinar + link the pdf again

now depending on what customer journey you want your prospect to go on your could send out another email:

- 6 hours before webinar: a reminder of webinar date, time, link and to have their homework (pdf) ready

- 1 hour before webinar: a reminder

- 15 minutes before webinar: a reminder

- "It's Webinar Time": send once your webinar starts to catch latecomers

There are quite a few emails here, but you don't need to do all of them. Know your ICA, check in with yourserlf as to what feels right and adjust accordingly.

Keep in mind, because a person showed interest in attending your webinar you ought to ensure that you help them get to your webinar as well. And you do so by reminding your subscriber of the date, time and link to join your webinar and the benefits they’ll receive.

As for the content of these emails. I like to keep it simple to the point. So this is what I recommend:

- Share a story relating to your webinar topic. People love stories, and it's a great way to remind your prospects where they are at the moment and what is possible.  You might find it appropriate to share another story within your email sequence. Test and try.

- list 3-5 benefits your prospect will be taking away from your webinar

- Mention the webinar date & time. Also, list your webinar link twice throughout your copy.

Once you've finished your webinar, you rocked it and your prospects are in "awwww" it's time to nurture them again with another email sequence...

Post Webinar Emails

Again think of your prospect when creating your emails because there are many things you can do with this email sequence.

This email sequence will be sent out to those prospects who did NOT BOOK a call with you or BUY your product.

Simple is better; so here's the flow:

- #1 Email Post-webinar: the day after people viewed your webinar send out the replay of your webinar with a summary in bullet form of what you covered. Also, reiterate your webinar offer and mention your bonuses and any deadlines to grab your deal.

- #2 Following email: can be sent the day after you sent your replay. Tell a story of your own or one of your client's struggles, and stress how you can help your prospects achieve their goal by listing the benefits they'll receive when working with you.

- #3 Next email: Can be sent a day or 2 after your second email ☝️Add testimonials of your past clients that received Amaaaazzzzing results by working with you or from your product. Overcome any objections you know they might have. Maybe you feel you need to add a new bonus to have them come your way? A 15 min. service audit ... Let them know that the replay is coming down in 48 hours.

- #4 Next email: Sent 48 hours after your 3rd email ☝️. Let them know the replay is coming down.  Restate your offer, bonuses, new testimonials and list a strong call to action to have your prospects bring a decision to work with you or buy your product.

Now this email sequence is not set in stone. As you review your analytics, you will tweak your emails and finesse your webinar and all with the goal of converting more prospects into clients/customers.

Now for a hot topic - marketing...

Chapter 5. 

Webinar Marketing Strategies


Marketing - You either hate it or love it.

The reality is that marketing is  where a huge portion of your focus and time should is be spent as a business owner.

If people don't know  anything about you, how are they going to either buy or work with you?

So you need to spread the word and get as many eyeballs on your webinar.

I'm going to show you how via free or paid marketing methods.

Free Webinar Marketing Strategies

You're going to want to take advantage of every online social media platform, content you create, and emails you send if you want to get the word out about your webinar free of charge.

And the great thing about this whole process is that these prospects, your email subscribers, website visitors, social media followers already know you. So just reach out to them and let them know of your awesome upcoming webinar.

Ya see there are tons of ways to get traction to your webinar without spending money on ads.

But the question is will it be enough.

That's the question you need to ask yourself.

Let's crackdown on the details...

Content Creation

If you're an entrepreneur you are most likely creating content weekly, monthly to engage with your prospects.

By creating content you can use it strategically to highlight elements of your webinar and motivate people to register to your webinar.

For example; you can shoot video clips to discuss or tutor a specific subject to your webinar.


On your podcast speak about the various elements


Create a blog post on a specific area of your webinar.

In all cases direct your peeps to a direct webinar link.

Your Website

Your website is your business realty.  Meaning you have complete control as to how you would like to drive up webinar signups.

Here's what I mean:

- Create a CTA (Call to Action button) on every page of your website or just your homepage

- Use a home bar to present your webinar. Here's a tip: an easy to use app HomeBar 

- Create a sidebar on your relevant blogs with a webinar image on which when clicked will open more details about your webinar

Your Social Media Platforms  

Oh, this one is fun. You can create all your social media platforms to not only inform your prospects about your webinar but direct them straight to your webinar registration page.

Here  are a few ideas:

- Create Instagram stories about your webinar and how your webinar can help your fans

- Do Facebook Lives to talk about your webinar by bringing up a subject of your webinar and solve a sliver of it on your FB live

- Don't forget to include CTAs on all your social media platforms

- Use your social media platforms to direct people to your webinar

- Create great posts, add your testimonials to intrigue your followers to sign up

- Direct message your followers that you have a webinar coming up - use a bot maybe? 😜

Your Email List 

It's time to get creative once again.

Here are just a few examples with sending out emails to your subscribers;

- When someone new is joining a list of yours (for example someone signed up for your lead magnet) well in your thank you email let them know of your webinar.

- At the end of your sales funnels let your subscribers know about your webinar and direct them to your webinar link

- Mention your webinar in all the broadcasts you send out.

Ok we've gone through the organic or free marketing strategies time to show you the 👇

Paid Webinar Marketing Strategies 

You gotta have a plan, a strategy before you start investing in ads or else you're gonna end up disappointed and strapped for cash.

Ok here's a strategy that I strongly believe in.

- Create free content known as your Read Magnet that is related to your webinar topic, next create a CTA image linking to the registration to your webinar, next create ads to your Read Magnet

- Create ads or retargeting to your Lead Magnet and Core offer that you have on your website and are tied in with your webinar.

- Use pixels on your magnet and offer pages and if your visitors don't click then just retarget them...

I could go on and on but I won't there just isn’t enough time. If you'd like to know more then just email me and I'll consider whipping something up for your benefit. 

Alright, that's a wrap!

Want to see more in action?

Sign up for my webinar "How to Fill Your Calendar with High-Quality Clients". 

Pssst, it's free and packed with info.

Hope to see ya there.

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