March 13

Buffer A Review


Are you always on the lookout for new apps that can help you stay connected between all of your social media networks?When a new one comes out that looks truly inspiring, do you tend to give it a try?

Well, try Buffer – let’s see what features this app has to offer! When you download it to your phone or Browser and login to your social networks, each one appears on the top left corner. You just click on your profile and you’re ready to go, it’s just that simple. For each profile, you have to log in and set up your schedule and Buffer takes care of the rest.

An excellent feature within this app – besides that it’s free to use (they have different plans you can sign up for), is the ability to write several posts and choose what profiles to post them to. You can also set a time when you want your posts delivered throughout the day or week so you don’t have to be logged in to do so. You’ll also love the extension feature for Chrome, Safari or Firefox. Just hit the icon on the tool bar and you can post, re-tweet, favourite or like anything you see on any Web page. Whether you’re logged into Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn you’re always given the option to Buffer or use the standard method of sharing. You can even set up posts by email. By sending an email to the address given on the page you can set up multiple posts in your Bufferapp queue to be posted later.

Buffer offers a shortened link feature as well that supplies you with analytics as to the number of clicks you’ve had on each link. If you’re promoting anything this is certainly a handy feature which obviously many other similar apps charge a premium for. It’s great that you’re getting this for free! Bufferapp links you to Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn for free and recently Pinterest but at a monthly charge.

The Awesome Plan is $10 a month; there’s no contract so you can cancel anytime. You can have up to 10 social profiles and up to 100 posts giving you the opportunity to plan well ahead. You can also connect 15 RSS feeds per connected profile.

It’s quite a company and one that certainly deserves people taking notice! Not only do they have great ethics towards running Buffer but they have a team in place that’s available almost 24/7 – no matter where in the world you are. Whenever you email them you’ll generally receive a response back fairly quickly. The members of the team are fully accessible on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Buffer seems to be always ahead of the game. Just a few months ago they acquired Respondly a social media customer service tool. Twitter – Customer service yup golden!

Imagine what other bells and whistles they’ll add on down the road! Yet they are not offering affiliate programs yet. Wonder why?


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