How To Boost Organic Traffic On Facebook

Facebook remains to be an essential social media channel for many business owners to share their thoughts effectively, showcase their expertise, and connect with their audience.


Facebook takes up 22% of the internet time Americans spend on mobile devices, compared with 11% on Google search and YouTube combined.

(Source Brandwatch)

Even though Google and Youtube are the most significant search engines, this is an interesting statistic.

But here is an interesting fact about having a Facebook account:


Facebook accounts for 62% of social logins made by consumers to sign into the apps and websites of publishers and brands.

(Source Brandwatch)

Since Facebook is significant for business owners to get their messages deliverered to their audience, and gain traffic, it's essential we as business owners know what's working and what's not working on Facebook today.

Let's dive into the details of what's working to boost organic traffic.

Strategy to Gain Organic Traffic:

Facebook reach is a numbers game, and it represents the number of individuals who saw your content. Your reach will increase via investing in ads and organic traffic. Today the topic is about gaining organic traffic. Here are three strategies to focus on:

#1 Know What the FB Algorithms Are Looking For

FB is regularly changing their algorithms as they want more and more people to be on FB. When you know what the changes are, you'll know how to react.
At the moment, one of the essential FB requirements is to have high-quality, engaging content.
How do you create highly engaging content?
Create and publish more video posts. Why? Facebook wants more videos in their newsfeed as they want to become THE Digital streaming platform.

Here is a recommended ratio:
Video 70%
Posts 20%
Links only 10% as they get the lowest engagement, yet you can put links in your posts and videos.

#2 Post FB Videos But Also FB Lives

FB lives get much more engagement.


One in five Facebook videos is now a live broadcast.

Live videos got six times more engagement then recorded videos.

(Source Brandwatch)

#3 Ask Your Audience Simple, Relevant Questions

We are in living in times when we have easy access to info and are shoveled information. Going short, sweet and to the point with an engaging question is like a breath of fresh air.

#4 Post Less Per Day

Post once or twice a day but publish highly engaging content. Choose a method from FB lives, videos, ask a question, make a post. Mix it up a bit. Check your statistics regularly and act accordingly as to what works and what doesn't.

#5 Driving Traffic

When posting on Facebook you can drive traffic to that specific post by getting the URL from the date stamp and sharing that URL to Twitter, email, Instagram stories, your blog.

#6 Include a Messenger Chatbot

Via a chatbot, people can subscribe to receive messages, reminders, updates from you. It's a method to advise when you are going live or have a new post, which they can check out quickly by going to the link you provide right there in the Chatbot.

#7 Allocate Ad Budget

You can increase organic reach with a low ad budget. I know we're talking about organic traffic here, but think of it this way; when you invest a small $ amount into ads for people to see your content, a little traffic explosion happens. More eyeballs, more knowledge about you occurs...

How Not to Zap Your FB Organic Reach

Just three quick tips how you can avoid nuking your Facebook organic reach.

#1 No Youtube Links

Youtube and FB are competitors, so don't place a Youtube link on your FB post as FB algorithms will pick up on it and will slide you down the line to receive reach.

#2 Stay Away from "Engagement Bait"

What is "Engagement Bait"? It's a strategy to produce posts on FB to instruct & push people to engage via likes, shares, comments to artificially increase engagement & rank greater reach on the news feed. In other words, you're slightly manipulating your audience.

#3 Stay on your Brand course

Your audience is coming to you for specific info. So don't slide off your topic. Stay true to you, your brand, your audience.

Let's sum it up

To boost your organic traffic on Facebook:

  • ✅ Have a solid strategy in place 

  • ✅ Stay on top of the Facebook changes 
  • ✅ Upload manually more videos (not Youtube video links)
  • ✅ Broadcast more FB lives 
  • ✅ Shake up your content with different post types, don't forget to include short and sweet questions in there
  • ✅ Drive traffic to your FB posts, videos lives by sharing the links in your Chatbot or blogs, emails... but also dish out a small budget to those posts and enjoy a little marketing traffic explosion.


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