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About Ms Franciska

Picture 🎬 this:
A Canadian working in downtown Toronto, City of Toronto's legal department. Fast track today 🎬  living on a small island in Croatia. Yup, this is just a lil' bit about me.

My roots go back to Toronto, Canada where I lived for mannnnny years .... born, raised, educated, employed.

First, I worked in the travel industry for a few years after getting my Travel & Tourism Hospitality Diploma. I wasn’t thrilled with the travel industry so I made a HUGE change. I went back to college and got my Legal Assistant diploma. 

After working in the legal industry for several years (which I loved), a family decision was brought to move to Europe; just to try it out for a year and see how things would evolve. 

What an emotional roller coaster ride that first MONTH of our huge LIFE changing move! 

My plans, dreams, family changed DRASTICALLY. 

I suddenly became a single mom of an 11-month-old baby and 3 months pregnant.  

Talk about a change of plans! Yet when life slaps you with a lesson (a series of lessons in my case).

What do you do?  

You rise.  Get your shit together.  Become stronger. 

Because there ain't no problem that can't be solved. 

Your Virtual Assistant - Ms Franciska

But...and there is always a BUT in one's personal and professional life;

About Ms Franciska

through all the personal hardship I went through; I gained emotional strength and personal growth. 

On the professional side; well I earned a colourful set of skills and something I've always wanted to do; I started my own biz and am singing on the side.

Lesson: Things always happen for a reason; we just need to be patient to embrace the outcome and wait till it's our time to shine.  That's why I love this quote from an unknown author who summed it up short and sweet: 

We All Have Strengths and Weaknesses

I embraced my strengths.

One of them is helping bring business owners raise brand awareness via their; is what I love to do, and I do so by repurposing their content.

Another is my restorative strength. I enjoy the challenges of identifying what's wrong and finding solutions.  


Having a developer strength I see one's progress through the identification of each risk, assessing it and ultimately reducing it which in return is one of the most rewarding experiences. 

My Story - Conquer

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