About Ms Franciska

Ms Franciska - Virtual Assistant

Short Story

Hi, I’m Franciska, a virtual assistant, and I work with busy, online entrepreneurs who want to slim down their To-do list.
I love to work with passionate entrepreneurs who want to concentrate on growing their business and focus on working in the area of work they love most.

As your virtual assistant, I help you:


reduce your administrative workload; if the tasks not reeling in the cash you shouldn’t be doing working on it.


systemise your business so it runs efficiently and effectively


make your brand sparkle by offering great customer service to your customers


achieve your goals faster because you’ll actually have the time to work on them


increase your productivity as we’ll be meeting at least once a week to discuss your weekly goals


gain time in your day so that you can concentrate on what you do best in your business, so you smile more

My formula for success:

Believing in you and assisting you in your successes and achievements!

Your rewards:

Gaining access to a larger pool of skills, more time in your day to put your ideas into action and grow your business, a piece of mind that you have a trusted partner in your business to watch your back.

My reward:

Supporting you behind the scenes of your business while you enjoy your journey to success!

If you're tired of wearing all the hats in your business, schedule a 30 min. complimentary call and let’s talk some more!


The Personal Side of Franciska - My Story

My roots go back to Toronto, Canada where I was born, raised and educated. I worked in the travel industry for a few years after getting my Travel & Tourism Hospitality diploma. Wasn’t thrilled with the travel industry so made a HUGE change, went back to college and got my Legal Assistant diploma.

After working in the legal industry for several years (which I loved), a family decision was made and so we moved to Europe; just to try it out for a year and see how things would develop. What an emotional roller coaster ride! Well I’m still in Europe. But, and there is always a BUT in one’s personal and professional life; through all the personal hardship I went through I gained emotional strength and personal growth. On the professional side; I earned a colourful career.

Things always happen for a reason; we just need to be patient to embrace the outcome and shine. That’s why I love this quote from an unknown author who summed up daily actions & progress:

Elevator to Success


All of us have strengths and weaknesses. I discovered my strengths and decided to embrace them.

Having a restorative strength I enjoy the challenges of identifying what’s wrong and finding solutions.

Having a developer strength I see one’s development through the identification of each risk, assessing it and ultimately reducing it which turns out to be one of the most rewarding experiences.

So you see as an unknown author put it:

Sky is the Limit footprints



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