5 Reasons Why You Should Repurpose Your Content

If you have a business, you have a marketing strategy.
Yet how is your marketing strategy structured is the real question.
Your marketing strategy should be diverse. So let's talk about repurposing content which is a great segment of content marketing. Is it part of your marketing strategy?

There are so many reasons why you should repurpose your content.

Getting more eyeballs on your content is the obvious one, but the result is for your audience to come to you to solve their issues, problems. 

Before we dive into more detail, let me ask you; is your content archive full of valuable, helpful blog posts, videos, podcasts, events, even social media posts?

If so, how does the idea of breathing new life into your already created content sound?

With content repurposing, you are either extracting messages from your original content and packaging that word in a new format or you're changing the whole composition of your original content and of course, distributing it everywhere.

Here's what I mean. 

Creating content from your perspective - The Biz Owner

You're all psyched up to create your piece of content.

You spend a lot of time and a whole great deal of effort to create every piece of content.

So what if your long, pillar blog post could turn into a podcast or a few videos, picture posts, infographics, Pinterest pins, memes to post on your social media. All related to the messages coming out from your initially created content. What you're doing is creating new fresh, hot topic content in new forms while sharing your message and expertise, all the while filling up your content calendar & library with MORE diverse content.

How would that make YOU feel? 

Now let's look at content repurposing at your audience's advantage.

Content consumption from your audience's perspective

During our day, we are in transit, working, picking up the kids from school, prepping dinner, walking the dog, carpooling....

Tech surrounds us, and how we consume our content depends on what we are doing, where we are, and how we feel.

Sometimes we want to read something, we'll turn to blogs. Or we need a quick, entertaining boost or tip - we'll turn to short FB, IG stories, posts or IG, Youtube videos. 

Maybe we learn better by listening, get motivated better while exercising, being out in nature, so we'll turn to a podcast. Or we might have a learning disability, or English is not our native language, so we learn best by watching captioned videos. Perhaps we learn better if we see a graph we'll search for infographics.

In today's world, content is recommended to be everywhere in order to reach a wider audience.

Thanks to diversified tech, your content is accessible to all. So shouldn't your content reflect the diversification?

Let's define what content repurposing is.

What is content repurposing?

Content Repurposing is reworking your original piece of content you created into different formats and altering the target audience for that specific piece of content on various platforms.

Imagine maximizing all the efforts you've invested in creating your original content? By repurposing your content, you're allowing your content to do so much more for you.

Now that's efficiency and effectiveness snuggled up nicely.

Benefits of Repurposing Your Content 

Time is a precious commodity. If you're investing your time & effort into content creation, you want to make sure you get the results you want.
So if you've been diligent, you know what effects & results your original content had. Now imagine what that one piece of content can do for you when you create MORE content out of it?

Increase leads by repurposing content

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 Derek Halpern of Social Triggers knows the advantages of repurposing content: 

"You don't have to create content day in and day out. You just have to work on getting the content you already have in the hands of more people."

Let's list the benefits.

 5 Reasons of Repurpose Your Content

There are many benefits to repurposing content, but I'll mention 5 today.

#1 Benefit: Strengthen your message

It's not about repeating the same message over again and over again. Instead, state your message in different means. You won't want to lose your original messaging. Instead, present your fans with reminders of their problems or questions, that you are the go-to person with answers.

#2 Benefit: Reach a new audience

Often, your pillar (cornerstone) content might have made a small splash effect with your audience, or maybe they missed it. Maybe your audience, when consuming your original content, did not follow through with your call to action because it wasn't the right time. Perhaps they don't like to read blogs (nothing personal).

Whatever the reason was for not viewing your content, or taking action, you can now give them a second chance.

Share your message, expertise via your new forms of content creation. Offer new solutions by showing them new fresh, directly audience-targeted content.

The most crucial factor is that if you love to do podcasts, don't limit yourself to only podcast listeners. There are people out on Medium wanting to read your podcast or people searching on Youtube wanting to how to learn via video and take notes or people on TikTok wishing to consume your short but essential tidbits of info. 

We all learn differently and like being on various media, so get out there and show yourself, your work.

#3 Benefit: Maximizing Your Efforts

When you invest lots of effort into creating a piece of content, you feel proud, accomplished. However, your audience does not care about how much effort or pride you feel for drumming up the content, I know it sounds harsh, but it's a fact. It's not about you - it's about them.

Many factors play a part in how well your content will perform (analytics, feedback....)

Repurposing content ensures your audience who missed your epic podcast, event, blog, tutorial... the first time around now have the chance to consume your excellent material in the format they prefer that will resonate with them.

#4 Benefit: Gain Additional Authority

Posting high-quality content in a variety of places (Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, Medium, TikTok...) elevates your profile, website visits, as well as lists you as the go-to person in your niche, the go-to person for a specific problem-solving.

#5 Benefit: Boost Your SEO and Organic Traffic 

When we want info, we turn to search engines... Google it, or search via Youtube or Pinterest.

Several pieces of content around the very same topic can open up new opportunities to target preferred keywords. 

And also, if you take your repurposed content away from your site, meaning you distribute it on your social media or other media platforms, you can get high-quality links back to your website.

So don't underestimate the significance of SEO because it helps to understand the basics of SEO, and SEO enables you to get your content get found.

Need to share another benefit, I can't resist.

Bonus Benefit: Omnipresence

What is Omnipresence? Omnipresence communicates the idea of being everywhere in all places at all times.

Can you envision having your brand everywhere online at all times, visible messaging? Although physically, it's impossible to be everywhere, virtually it is possible and should be your goal in your marketing strategy. Don't limit your opportunities of being heard, seen, and found.

What content is worthy of shaking up & breathing new life into

Having a robust online presence, a clear, concise, informational website, full of high quality and valuable content, and engaging social media presence would help your business.

On the other hand, you don't want to lose out to competitors either — those who are enjoying their success because they precisely have a strong online presence.

The name of the game is creating content.

So what are the usual steps when creating content? 

#1 Create one piece of content

#2 Publish it on every media platform you're on with a link where they can listen, watch, or read more.

But let's take your content farther. Repurpose it.

#3 Repurpose your already created content into SEVERAL different content formats. Let's take JUST ONE EXAMPLE: Extracting messages from your original piece - like a punch - short, sweet to the point. All for important reasons that your audience learns about you likes you and trusts you via ALL the content you are putting out.

#4 Promote the new pieces of content (if need be).

With this method of repurposing your content, you will produce quality content but also stay consistent in creating.

So let's widen your horizons on repurposing content. 

How Can You Benefit from Repurposing Your Content

Get your podcast discovered and optimized.

Podcasts provide not only a fantastic way of connecting with people who are in transit, busy around the house, walking, standing in line somewhere... but also build a loyal and engaging audience. However, you don't want to only cater to people when they are commuting, doing house chores, exercising, walking their dog... People consume content in long video form, short video clips, blog posts ...

Therefore your podcast can be converted into: 

  • * social media images (stories (series of them),  short video clip posts, pins...)
  • * online course modules
  • * captioned videos
  • * podcast audiograms
  • * blog posts 
  • * infographics 
  • * slides (especially great for LinkedIn)
  • * Ebook
  • * PDFs
  • * Email series
  • * Feature article on other blog sites 

Get More out of Your Videos, Live Broadcasts

Videos are hot, no doubt about it.

But don't forget about your Facebook, LinkedIn lives, or IGTV for that matter. 

We all know that those live broadcasts are alsooo HOOOOOTTTT because they present real-time interaction with audiences, and your audience is learning about your business, the problems you are solving. But also your character gets to shine, and people learn about you, grow to like you, and trust you to work with you.

Here's how your videos can be repurposed:

  • * podcast episode
  • * client testimonials
  • * social media videos, stories
  • * edited captioned videos
  • * blog posts with images
  • * infographics 
  • * slides (especially great for LinkedIn)
  • * newsletters
  • * Ebook
  • * PDFS
  • * Email series
  • * Feature article on other blog sites 
  • * Optin incentives

Shake Up Your Blogs - Multimedia Theme

Don't stop writing blogs as they are still in. I don't think they'll lose their momentum. Here's why.

Blogging helps you to display your expertise, character, and authority. Most importantly, blogging as any form of content helps you to solve your audiences' problems, and many love to read.

Blog posts have ample potential for repurposing. 

Here are a few ways

* Podcast episode 

* Optin incentives

* Videos 

* Infographics 

* Social media visuals, stories - series of them, and short videos clips

* Presentations

* Email Series 

* Ebook 

* Newsletters 

* PDFs 


Shake up your videos and podcasts and squeeze every valuable second out of them - repurpose them. But don't forget those blog posts either; turn them into useful visuals and precious seconds of podcasts and videos.

Your audience WILL thank you and run to you for solutions while your marketing game will be top notch.


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If you have any questions about content repurposing send them my way.

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