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If you’ve ever wanted to know how to put together a webinar with a compelling mix of graphics, copy, broadcast without jitters and have a converting marketing funnel then the next few scrolls will make you a thrilled entrepreneur.

Webinars are one of the best methods for receiving an ROI on your high ticket service or product. 

Want a CONVERTING webinar that sells your service or product?

I've got your solution! 

But first let me ask you: 

#1 Are you learning about webinars but still have NOT mastered them as such you're not getting the results you want?

#2 Are you going on, and on .... overteaching on your webinars or are your webinars not intriguing?

#3 Why are you not making your desired income on your webinars yet you have a great service or product?

or  maybe

As a successful entrepreneur you know that creating a webinar is not the best use of your time.

If you've found yourself in one or more of the above questions or statement then I've got a proposition for you!

Let Me

Do Your 

Webinars For You!

Wow, I can sense your shoulders dropping. I hear a sigh of relief echoing in the distance!

I am proud of my PROVEN WEBINAR SYSTEM that delivers results! 

It's NOT cheap, but it DOES  work.

Your ROI will be a happy, healthy one.  


It takes a lot of time, creativity and

brainstorming to apply

to my proven system I've created,


you will receive results which will transform

your marketing, revamp your business.

So who is this Done For You (DFY)

Webinar Service for?

My DFY Webinar Service is for entrepreneurs:

- who are coaches or consultants dedicated to hitting their income objectives

- who are selling a $500+ service or product 

- who's service or product is selling but would like to use webinars as automated lead generations

- who are making a difference in their clients' lives & have case studies or testimonials about their service or product

If you're looking for: 
a proven webinar strategy to sell
your service or product;
click the link below to book a call
& let's find out if we're a good fit.

Coming Together is the Beginning

Staying Together is Progress 

Working Together is Success"

Hi I'm Franciska 

Working with business and life coaches, consultants for the past 3.5 years I've learned that their webinar:

❌ is not presenting the right message

❌ service or product is not a substantial offer

❌ is missing essential components

As a result, their webinar is:

❌ NOT converting 

The VALUE of your product or service has little to do with HOW WELL it is SOLD!

Are you are in a state of frustration that all the hard work that you've put into developing your new service, or product is not selling?

Do you want to stop learning and executing how webinars convert and actually start selling your service or product?

I help my clients:

✅ Leverage their webinars, build an audience, get engagement, make sales, master their automation, scale their business.


✅ Gain time in their day to work on new or not completed lingering projects (new services, products), so they can gain more clients and income.

Would you like to achieve these results with your webinar?

Learn more about Franciska here.

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