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Want to know
How to Fill Up Your 
Calendar With
High Quality Clients

Then you  won't want to miss my FREE  webinar.

If you're a coach, consultant, service 
provider who knows you should be on 
strategy calls closing deals then this
is for YOU.

You've got NOTHING to lose &


True or False?

You have a consistent flow of highly motivated prospects proactively reaching out to you.

So really, 

​You DON’T need Red Hot Leads who are ready

to hire you as soon as today.


You know exactly where your next client is coming from.

That’s why,

​You NEVER EVER chase after prospects in hopes

one becomes your client.

​What's Your Answer? TRUE or FALSE?

If you answered TRUE,

it’s best we part ways now.

Because you don't need Lead Generation.

I guess you have it all patted down. Way to go!!!

BUUUUUT, if you answered FALSE...

Then you are in the right place at JUST the right time.


So I've got an important question for you: 

What's the Main Focus in Your Business Right Now?
Is it....

Lead Generation 

What is lead generation? 
It is a process of IDENTIFYING and NURTURING prospects to work with you or buy your product.

Building a Webinar

A webinar is a seminar performed over the internet but it is ALSO a powerful lead generator. An important component of many successful entrepreneurs' marketing strategy.

Learning About Your ICA

Knowing who your Ideal Client Avatar changes everything in your business. Knowing your ICA is a complete game changer for your biz. Infact your ICA is the foundation of your biz.

Nice to meet you! 

I'm Franciska

Working with Coaches and consultants for the past 4 years 

I've learned that their webinar:

❌ intro and offer were not strong

❌ had missing important components

❌ did not have  a follow up sequence...

As a result the webinar was

 NOT converting

I Help my clients:

✅ Leverage their webinars, build an audience, make sales, get leads, scale their business.


✅ Gain time in their day to work on

 new or not completed, lingering projects (new services, products)

Would you like to achieve these results with your webinar?

Learn more about Franciska here

Feel you're not tech savvy to create a webinar? 

Don't know where to start? What to do? 

Or maybe you have more urgent things you need to do like coach and consult?

Then I've got just the service for you! 

My Done For You Webinar Service.

 I hear a sigh of relief echoing in the distance!

I am proud of my PROVEN WEBINAR SYSTEM because it simply delivers results!

The results it delivers are: leads coming to your webinars booking consultations calls or 

buying that digital or membership. So you NEVER wonder again

where your next client or customer is coming from.


So who is this Done For You (DFY) Webinar Service for?

For You if: 

* You start out every month not having any idea where your next paying client will come from

  • * You feel like your understanding of online marketing and technology is the one thing
  • that’s standing in the way of getting more clients, more income

*You notice other people in your industry are generating high 6 and even 7 figures easily, effortlessly,  and wonder what they are doing that you are not

*You find that the amount of time you’re putting into your business doesn’t seem to match the amount of money that you’re earning

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