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High Converting Webinar 
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Are you spending time 

on the wrong tasks
in your busy entrepreneurial day?

  1. Tasks that don't

  2. convert into income

Tasks that don’t 

entice NEw Customers

TAsks that don't make you smile

Ms. Franciska Virtual Assistant Services helps busy Coaches and Consultants move away from webinar creation and tech setups,  administrative, social
media tasks and business operations.

Being a coach, consultant Continuous Engagement, Creation Of Fresh, Informative, Entertaining Content Is Of Great Importance To Bring In New Clients.

Webinars are ideal to show your authority in your industry, present new digital products, membership sites or new services.

Coming Together is the Beginning

  Staying Together is Progress 

  Working Together is Success"

How to Grow and automate your business with the help of a virtual assistant?

If you're a Coach or Consultant and you're in the phase of growing your business then your time is your greatest asset IN and OUT of your business.You want to have more time to work on the things that will give you more revenue and let your Virtual Assistant do the repetitive tasks.

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What Others Say!


Franciska is dependable, reliable and fun to work with. She is reassuring and always checks in with you before moving ahead with the projects assigned.

Dottie Hager / Coach


Franciska Is Without A Doubt, The Smartest Decision I’ve Ever Made In My Business. Her work ethic is second to none and she has enabled me to focus my energy in the important areas of my business that require my time. 

Linzi Hawkin Hello Glow Branding


Quite simply, Franciska is amazing! I think her title should be a multitask-er, mind reader, life saver, time maker, profit booster’. I could go on! The highest quality VA does all of these things about administrative tasks. Franciska is so effective and efficient, that her value soars from day 1.

Scott Stevenson / Mindset Specialist

Hi I'm Franciska 

Working with coaches and consultants in the last three years I've learned:

❌  Many are frustrated because they are working on daily repetitive tasks that are not producing sales in their business 

❌  As a result, they do not have time to focus on their business mission and zone of genius

❌  In the end, are struggling to grow and automate their business due to not having support in their business. 

Do you feel overwhelmed while your ideas and projects are on standby?

Do you lack reliable support and a reliable person to take over incremental tasks?

The Coaches and Consultants I work with need time to coach clients, create fresh content, material for new online courses, membership sites... In other words, they need to work on tasks they love to do and generate income.

I help my clients: 

✅  Scale their business quickly by removing repetitive daily administrative tasks from their agenda. Organise, create & manage their social media postings so their brand is in front of their targeted audiences on a daily basis

✅ Build an online authority, help sell their digital courses, membership programmes, service via the creation & technical assistance of webinars. Having a great marketing funnel is what keeps you in the game.

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There’s no getting away from the fact that in business, the price is often the deciding factor. When you only focus on cost, you can be looking through a pair of very myopic spectacles forging a long-lasting productive relationship....


Now you might be thinking “webinars seem to be a great deal of work”. You’re right. A webinar is not a task rather a detailed project. But webinars are relatively quite simple once you master the procedure.

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